Common Ailments

Dear Customer,

It is my mission is to help people with health challenges. I will work with you to reverse those challenges and help you to be able to control and improve your own quality of life, or that of your loved ones. By control and improve I mean by actually addressing the condition itself, not just the symptoms as drugs and medications do. My goal is to help you return your body to health and wellness without the need for additional drugs and medications.


I have many years of experience working with my customers as individuals. I believe in live communication. My customers can contact me, either by phone or email, and know that I will always provide them with information and nutrition they need on an individual-by-individual basis, to help them get the help and results I promise.

People are individuals and deserve help on an individual basis.

This is what I am about and why my customers know I care! I look forward to working with you and assisting you to improve your life and get it back under your own control.


Derrick Williams
Dr. Derrick Williams N.D.

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